"creating something with your hands shows care, concern and thoughtfulness".

Alton Weekes New York is a boutique design studio that creates luxury stationery products for specialty shops, museum gift stores, high-end retailers, luxury hotels and resorts worldwide. We work with a discerning clientele, designing elegant and brilliantly inspired stationery that suits our clients needs. From celebrating life, to milestones, weddings, galas, social, corporate and those very special occasions.

Our products are not in all places. However, we are in the best places around the world. Like, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus - New York, Fortnum & Mason - London, Essence Du Papier in Montreal, Branhard Cie - Switzerland, Ito-Ya - Japan, and the Montage Hotel and Resort of Beverly Hills, and a host of other fine retail establishments around the world.

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Celebrating Mom On Her Special Day

Spring Fling

It's that time of year where we celebrate all things that are special in our lives. With Mother's Day quickly approaching, Dads & Grads, along with weddings and baby showers. Sending the perfect card matters most when you care to send the very best!

Celebrate a Birthday with Luxury Cards

Birthdays are that special time we get together with family and friends to celebrate the life they live. Our luxury stationery makes it that much more special. See our catalog for more choices, colors and styles. Celebrate! 


ALTON WEEKES NEW YORK, is a boutique design studio that creates hand-crafted luxury stationery products for specialty shops, museum gift stores, high-end retailers, luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.


Whether you are celebrating a new job, promotion, new house, an engagement, wedding, or the arrival of a new born. There is always a reason to get together with family and friends. Every needle point step should be filled with the memory of a luxury card.

At Alton Weekes New York, we want to be part of those celebrations by helping you keep those memories alive with our team of designers that creates extraordinary stationery products for you to savor every special moment in your life.

For years I have been collecting Alton's cards ever since I received one from my aunt in London, UK. The quality and craftsmanship is extraordinary!

Melissa G.

I remember the very first time I brought a Alton Weekes New York luxury card. It was around 1999 when his cards were carried by Neiman Marcus on the west coast. I've been a fan ever since.

Baldwin L.

If you ever have an event or celebration of any kind I would highly recommend an Alton Weekes original. Your guest will be wooed. Making for an unforgettable moment.

Sharon V.